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window tinting

Window Tinting adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone and there vehicle is a theft. We all tend to leave things on the seats of our vehicles, money in the centre console and various other items laying around. Window tinting gives you that extra piece of mind that the valuables inside your vehicle are out of plain sight and much less likely to be noticed or targeted to be stolen. It is known that most thefts from vehicles are crimes of opportunity and reducing this opportunity therefore reduces the likelihood your vehicle would be targeted. Not only that it also gives you that much needed privacy for yourself, your children, pets or passengers you may be traveling with.


Tinting adds a premium feel to your vehicle

We all like to look and feel our best, whether it be dressing up to go out, having a day of pampering or simply being fit and healthy. Adding window tints to your car or vehicle is an extension of feeling good and giving your vehicle and yourself that premium look and feel. This is why manufactures of vehicles now offer window tints or privacy glass as standard. Looking and feeling good makes us happy and who doesn’t want to feel happy?


Tinted Windows block up to 95% of UVA and UVB rays

We are constantly told about the sun and its harmful UV rays, most of us are good at applying sun cream during the summer months if we go out and protecting our skin, however we mostly do this when we arrive at our destination. If we go to the beach we drive their and apply sun lotion on arrival however what about the journey to that destination with no protection on and the suns UV rays penetrating the window and attacking your skin this is even more important with children who are the ones most at risk and who sit in the backs seats most often. By tinting your windows you can reduce the amount of light and harmful UV rays that penetrate the glass by up to 95% keeping yourself, your loved ones and even your pets safe on the road.

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